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Hafenstraße 47-51 A-4020 Linz (Austria)

T: +43 732 9015 5601
F: +43 732 9015 5680

VAT number: ATU 56587223

Business Purpose
Objective and purpose of the company:

• to support and promote research- and technology-intensive business start-ups in accordance with the initiatives of the Austrian Federal Government as well as relevant programmes at national and international level
• to create and lead one or more centres to support and promote research- and technology-intensive start-ups preferably from an academic background
• to provide related services
• to carry out relevant information and educational events and to gather, forward and publish scientific information
• to participate in research and development projects
• to promote academic responsibilities
• to promote knowledge transfer in and by scientific institutions
• to support the use of research and development results in form of spin-offs
• to support further measures of technology transfer

In addition, the company is entitled to carry out any business transactions or measures which are deemed necessary or expedient to fulfil the purpose of the company, in particular to acquire properties, to establish branches or subsidiaries as well as to purchase shares in other corporations.

Professional Designation
tech2b Inkubator GmbH is a business incubator in the sense of the AplusB Scale-up Programme by the Austrian Federal Government.

Legal Structure: Private limited company
Registered Office: political municipality of Linz (Upper Austria)
Registration Number: FN 229536 d
Commercial Court of Registration: Regional Court Linz
Country of Issuance: Austria
Share Capital: EUR 35,000.00 (fully paid)

Managing Directors (general power of representation)
Mag. Raphael Friedl MSc.


Business Upper Austria - OÖ Wirtschaftsagentur
Registration Number: FN 89326 m
Commercial Court of Registration: Regional Court Linz
Stake: 50 % = EUR 17,500.00
involved herein:

- OÖ Innovationsholding GmbH (65 %)
Registration Number: FN 364176 d
Commercial Court of Registration: LG Linz
involved herein:
OÖ Landesholding GmbH, FN 266251 x, LG Linz (100 %)
involved herein: Land of Upper Austria (100 %)
- Chamber of Workers and Employees for Upper Austria
    (15 %)  
- Chamber of Commerce Upper Austria (15 %)
- Austrian Industry Association - Upper Austria (5 %)

  • Johannes Kepler Universität Linz
     Stake: 20% = EUR 7,000.00

    ( )
    Stake: 10% = EUR 3,500.00

  • FH OÖ Management GmbH
    Registration Number: FN 205986 x
     Commercial Court of Registration: LG Wels
     Stake: 10% = EUR 3,500.00
     involved herein:
    - City of Wels (0,5 %)
    - City of Steyr (0,5 %)
  • - Community of Hagenberg (0,5 %)
    - City of Linz (0,5 %)
    - OÖ Innovationsholding GmbH (98 %)
    Registration Number: FN 364176 d
    Commercial Court of Registration: LG Linz
    involved herein:
    OÖ Landesholding GmbH, FN 266251 x, LG Linz (100 %)
    involved herein: Land of Upper Austria (100 %)

Supervisory Board
Werner Pamminger (BizUp), Chairman
Mag. Alexander Freischlager (JKU), Vice Chairman
Mag. Kurt Ehrentraut (FH OÖ)
Dr. Manfred Lechner (Kunstuni Linz)
Mag. Irmgard Müller, MBA (WKOÖ)

Supervisory Authority

Applicable Regulations
Industrial Code
Commercial Code (UGB)
E-Commerce Act (ECG)
Media Act

Access to applicable provisions

Editorial System

Basic objective
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