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In the commercial port of ideas, PIER 4 is Upper Austria's protected free zone for industry, developers and founders. It is the dock where the flagships of the domestic industry drop anchor in order to load valuable freight: innovations, solutions and prototypes for the industry of the day after tomorrow. Cargo for the journey to the future, sailing towards the open sea of opportunities.

What we do?


We scout start-ups worldwide

According to the search criteria of our partner businesses, we look out for innovative, technology-intensive start-ups in order to inspire co-operations and/or to initialise the development of prototypes.


We connect start-ups and industry

We connect global start-ups with Upper Austria's leading industrial businesses - for more innovation and flexibility and to strengthen Upper Austria's overall position as a business location.


We foster cooperations

As start-up incubator and industry consultant, we foster co-operations and innovations. With our help, projects are integrated perfectly into existing organisations achieving maximum output for both parties concerned.

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Here is how it works

We have merged 14 industry-leading businesses connecting them with global start-ups.

Competitive edge through innovation

We have merged 14 leading businesses of the Upper Austrian industry into one consortium enabling them to collectively benefit from the innovativeness of global start-ups. Flexibilisation and industry 4.0 are the key topics in the process.

The selection of start-ups is based on search criteria

Industrial businesses may impart their individual search areas, such as artificial intelligence, digital transformation, industry 4.0 or big data etc. We scout start-ups worldwide throughout our network and arrange pitching session with domestic industry.

Search areas

Together with the industrial businesses, our team defines common and individual search areas.

Start-up search

Based on those common and individual search areas, we scout start-ups worldwide corresponding to the requirements of the Upper Austrian industry.


Together with industry and start-ups we launch a co-operation - from the development of prototypes to sales support.

We seek start-ups from the following areas

Search areas

Data collection and analysis
Artificial intelligence
Data visualisation
Predictive Systems (e.g. preventive maintenance)
User Interface Technology

IT Security (e.g. cloud-security)
Security of industrial plants

Components (e.g. drive systems, batteries)
Services concerning e-mobility, (e.g. billing systems, energy management)
Autonomous driving

Sensor technology
Hardware and software
Virtual sensor and sensor fusion
Object recognition
IoT Platform & Connectivity
Smart Textiles / Wearables

Customer relations (e.g. sales prediction)
Human resources
Organisation logistics (e.g. construction site)
News businessmodels (e.g. pay-per-use, marketplaces)

Steel and aluminium industry


Digital document and process management

Cellulose fibers

Automotive suppliers

Plastics manufacturing


Individual mobility

Tool engineering

Agricultural engineering

Industrial automation

PIER 4 Factsheet

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Our industrial businesses

We should not ask ourselves what is going to happen, but rather what has got to happen and how we can impact that development. That is why it is so important to connect the present and the future.

Oskar Kern,

The experience and know-how of industrial businesses combined with the speed and flexibility of start-ups provide ideal conditions for innovation.

Roland Hintringer,
Vice President Technology & Innovation der MIBA AG

Innovation has always been of enormous importance to TGW. This project represents a very interesting opportunity to connect with creative people making new ideas come true.

Harald Schröpf,
Chief Operations Officer TGW Logistics Group

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It is of great importance to us not only to invest in start-ups, but to cooperatively give decisive, innovative momentum to the steel industry i.e. to our customers. In tech2b we have found the right partner for this endeavour.

Karl Purkarthofer,
Senior Vice President & Head of Metallurgical Services von Primetals Technologies

We support this unique industrial initiative as it is a logical consequence of decades of our practical experience in the start-up sector. From now on, we will play our role as bridge-builder between the corporate and start-up worlds also from our Upper Austrian location.

Philipp Kinsky,
Strategic Parnter Herbst Kinsky

This initiative also has a European dimension, as it is the digital economy and society itself that the third pillar of the digital European Single Market concentrates on. In order not to risk a further downturn of our economy, start-ups need to be massively backed and boosted. This will ensure jobs and innovation.

Helmut Fallmann,
Member of the Managing Board Fabasoft AG

Whereas the development of energy supply used to be the challenge in former times, today it is the field of digitalisation where we secure the future with our broadband initiative. The cooperation with start-ups pioneering entirely new ways and thinking “outside the box” give the particular kick required for boosting innovation and opening up new perspectives.

Werner Steinecker,
Managing Director Energie AG

Sustainable innovation is one of the key elements of Lenzing's corporate strategy. We expect our co-operation with tech2b and PIER4 to offer access to new technologies and innovative ideas and we welcome the efficient screening process of numerous start-ups by the specialists at tech2b - not only for every single company but for all parties concerned.

Stefan Doboczky,
Chief Executive Officer Lenzing AG

Our business is very open towards cooperations with innovative start-ups - especially in the wake of the digitalization of medical technologies. We are pleased that there is now also a targeted initiative in Upper Austria to facilitate and support such interactions.

Roland Rott,
General Manager, Women’s Health Ultrasound, GE Healthcare

Leitz is an established, family-run business that has made innovation a tradition. While the digitalisation holds many new chances, it also poses challenges. The connection of the traditional and the future is what makes PIER4 interesting to us. We are looking forward to new encounters and ideas!

Günther Kamml,
Director Leitz Österreich

Not the big, but rather the quick determine the race in the 21st century. We consider the partnership with agile and innovative start-ups as a logical, evolutionary step of our company development, and are looking forward to fresh impulses and interesting insights into a world that was closed to us until now. We are especially pleased, to have found a partner like tech2b that supports us in our mission. Moreover, we are excited about the exchange with the other Upper Austrian companies, which participate in PIER 4.

Stefan Scheuch & Jörg Jeliniewski,
Managing Directors Scheuch


Open innovation provides an open space, in which we can connect with external partners, start-ups and idea generators. It is the deliberate step out of our comfort zone, to evaluate and implement new technologies.

Walter Sieberer,
Managing Director KTM Innovation

The digital transformation and the development of new services and business models is a substantial element in Wacker Neuson’s strategy. We are looking forward to the cooperation with tech2b and PIER4 and open up a professional path to the start-up ecosystem.

Martin Lehner,
CEO Wacker Neuson


What makes PIER 4 project so interesting is that corporates from different branches are pooling of their interest in digitalization and new technologies and research a very active and agile startup scene. Nevertheless the focus stays on the individual requirements of each partner company that is a definitely promising approach.

Stefan Engleder,
Chairman of the Management Board ENGEL AUSTRIA GmbH

PÖTTINGER stands for an open corporate culture in order to secure the core services and bring complementary knowledge into the company through innovation process. We expect a lot of added value from the networking heterogeneity with startups and large companies. Together with PIER 4 we want to transfer the spirit and the mentality of startups into the traditional family business.

Markus Baldinger,
Managing Director Research & Development PÖTTINGER Landtechnik GmbH

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